Here is a brief list of frequently asked questions about our teacher training program. If you have a question that is not listed here or on this website please contact us.

i'm ready to start right now. do i have to wait for a seminar?

Absolutely not. Our program starts the day you are ready. From the moment you choose to enroll we start you on a weekly program of workouts, homework and required assignments. You'll be entered into our e-learning platform where your formal Pilates education will begin. If you're ready, we can get you started.

how much time is required each week?

The RPTT program is a rigorous program and there are no shortcuts. The weekly commitment is 18 - 22 hours per week to be accomplished according to your schedule and the schedule of your Host studio.

Why does your program have to be completed in 30 weeks? What if I need longer?

Immersion education is shown to have the best results over the long term. Our program allows you to keep pace with a group of your peers so that you always have support from students in the exact same place you are. This allows for camaraderie, team building and a level of education that is uncommon in programs that allow you to go at your own pace. All graduates have 30 days beyond the program to compete their final exams. 


The Real Pilates program is laid out with specific goals, targets and assignments for each of the 30 weeks. We require all participants to stick to the outline of 18 - 22 hours per week in order to avoid education overload or worse, plateaus. Performed at a steady pace, we are confident that 30 weeks is the minimum time you should invest in order to process this enormous body of work. When you leave this program you will be responsible for the health and well-being of others. Such a responsibility should not be rushed. Take your time, respect the process and soak up every single second.

I am interested in the bridge program but only want to complete the seminars. Is that possible?

No. There is no path to becoming a Real Pilates Teacher that allows for trainees to complete only seminars. In fact, the seminars account for just 72 hours of the 600 total required to graduate. The bulk of our training program is completed on the teaching floor.

What if I have to miss a weekend?

All trainees are required to complete the weekend seminars in order from first to last. If your schedule restricts you from attending a seminar, we suggest you look to the next upcoming program dates.

aren't all classical programs the same?

Not really. Depending upon when a program creator studied with an original source of Pilates and which source that was will determine what type of classical training is offered. Our program is based on Romana's syllabus from the early 1990's when she was at the peak of her teaching.  This foundational training coupled with modern technology and educational methods makes for a unique experience that is really two programs in one training.  We insist that every single hour of your program is truly valuable.


There are many ways forward to become a Pilates instructor. But there are very few ways back to the real work of Joseph Pilates. The real value of your training is the lineage you earn by training in the original method. Joe taught Romana. Romana taught Alycea. Now Alycea will teach you. You will then take your place as an ambassador for the work of Joseph Pilates.

If the cost seems higher than others programs it's because we show you the total costs up front whereas many programs only reveal the tuition and mask the many other required costs. We believe there shouldn't be any surprises. The RPTT is really two programs in one. A comprehensive traditional program alongside an academic online program. We believe that you should only have to go through your primary Pilates education once. Too often, instructors graduate their programs and immediately begin again somewhere new spending enormous time and money re-educating themselves. Our motto is "do it once and do it right". It is far less expensive to enroll in a complete comprehensive education than to  begin all over again in new training programs.

Does Alycea Ungaro teach all the weekend seminars?

No. Alycea occasionally teaches a weekend seminar but focuses on building the program content and training the RPTT team as well as teaching sessions and classes for trainees and clients alike. Regardless of seminars, Alycea will be a part of your training, either in weekend seminars, sessions or testing. Alycea takes a personal role in each trainee's program.

Will I be a certified Pilates instructor upon graduation?

Despite what you may have heard there is no teacher training program that can legally confer upon you the title of "Certified" Pilates teacher. In order to be a "Certified" Pilates teacher you must complete a qualified program and then sit for the independent third party exam administered by the Pilates Method Alliance. Real Pilates will issue you a certificate of completion as a qualified professional Real Pilates Instructor.

Once I have graduated what are the requirements?

All professional Pilates instructors are required to maintain their education at a rate of 8 Continuing Education Credits (CEC's) per year or 16 every two years. These credits may be completed through Real Pilates or other approved educational outlets.